Mar 5, 2011

do i like my life???

hmmmm....honestly,im kinda hate my life,it make me wanna suicide!! but y do i think like that,no one i meant NO ONE ever understanded(btl ke spling ni?) me how suffer am i with them. . . my family my frenz n anyone else did they know my feeling??? the answer is OF COURSE NO!! i try to calm myself n try to 4get bout it n hope the next day will be my best day, but im very dsappointed! im always asking myself the same question evryday, but still i can't fine the answers. maybe 1 day God will give me the answers that i wanted to hear....hwever my PUDUN always cheer me up that the secret y i had been with him 4 almost 3years...n i very proud of it!!:)     5 MAC 2011
thank you for reading . do follow (;

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